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    Jesmonite – What is it?

    Jesmonite is an Acrylic Composite material supplied in two parts, a powder and a liquid. Water based pigments can be used to add colour and even more effects can be created by using decorative items such as glitter.  When we create products using Jesmonite we use silicone molds. These molds have smooth edges but can vary with what the mold has been cast around. Some can have straight edges and some can have geometric faceted sides to give dimension.  Jesmonite can be used straight from the mold if that’s the look you’re going for. You get a rustic cement pot look. Personally I love this look. If you want to…

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    All About Resin

    Is Epoxy Resin Toxic?

    When the epoxy resin cures completely, it’s considered safe for various applications. Some brands are even ideal for use on food preparation surfaces and tabletop making. Despite this, specialists advise users to take safety precautions when handling epoxy. You should wear a respirator mask and a pair of gloves. For this reason, one may wonder; is epoxy resin toxic? Well, let’s find out! Is Epoxy Toxic to Human and Animal? In general, pure epoxy is non-toxic, both to humans and animals. Besides, the risk associated with its ingestion is deemed to be very small. Nonetheless, most chemical products in the market today have some level of toxicity. And epoxy is not…