VViViD Prisma65 Raw Pigment Silver Metallic Glitter


This fine grain pigment is the perfect additive to a variety of craft projects, whether it be in glue, homemade slime, paint or clear coat nail polish. (Please note: Not recommended for children under the age of 8. This is not a food-grade pigment. Not intended for ingestion.)


About this item

  • Makes a bold and colourful additive to paints, resins, epoxies, clear-coat, cosmetics, glue, nail polish, soap, candles, slime and more!
  • Individual particles range in size from 50-500 microns.
  • Will not chemically react with epoxies, resins, paints or other solutions.
  • Non-toxic, cosmetic grade and non-radiative, harmless to humans and the environment.


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