VViViD Green Glow In The Dark Fine Pigment Powder


Create something amazing with VViViD Glow in the Dark Pigment! Following proper exposure to a light source, this pigment will glow with brilliant color VViViD is a manufacturer based in Canada specializing in acrylic and PVC products for the creative industries. We proudly provide the safest, the most user-friendly and most durable products in the industry. Please note: Non-toxic and non-radioactive. Made from naturally occurring rare earth aluminates. This is not a food-grade pigment. Not intended for ingestion.


About this item

  • This pigment is a raw material used in many VViViD products, including the Glow in the Dark Vinyl Wrap.
  • Glows up to 12.5 hours after exposure to direct light. Heat resistant up to 950 Degrees. Chemical resistant (will not lose glowing power when mixed with chemicals like paints, solvents or epoxies)
  • 25 micron powder is easy to blend and provides an even coat.
  • Unlike cheaper brands, will not chemically react with epoxies, resins, paints or other solutions. Choose VViViD for a safe application!
  • Can be optimally charged and glow for a minimum of 10 years.


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