Resin Jewelry Making Starter Kit


Product description

Package content:
15x Odorless UV resin, net weight: 500 grams
1x UV lamp with USB plug
1x Mini electric drill with USB plug
1x Jewelry findings (a box, 900+pcs, color: silver)
1x Curved pointed tweezers

-Directly pour the resin in the mold or the bezel.
-Add the pigment, glitter, dried flowers or anything you want in it using a toothpick or tweezers, and cure the resin with UV light.
-Gradually add the amount of the pigment to adjust the color instead of pouring too much pigment at a time.

How to avoid bubbles:
1. UV resin should be poured in silicone molds in layers, allowing air bubbles completely escape.
2. To expedite the process of escaping of bubbles and time of solidification of resin, the mold can be a bit warmed up. For example, heat the oven to 80℃(176℉), turn off, ventilate it a little and filled the mold with the resin.
3. Before using the resin, place it upside down to prevent air bubbles from escaping during extrusion.
4. Use a toothpick to concentrate the air bubbles on the surface of the resin. Puncture them with a pin or undo them by applying heat with a heat gun or a lighter.

-Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
-If you accidentally splash into your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
-Rinse immediately with soapy water after skin contact.
-Keep out of reach of children.
-Store the product in a cool, dry place, protected from light.


  • ODORLESS UV RESIN – Advanced version of UV resin, no odor, more friendly to sensitive customers. Crystal clear excellent transparency, hard type UV resin. Low viscosity, automatic leveling. No shrinking, barely bubbles. Hard rocky finish.
  • SIMPLE BUT COMPLETE PACKAGE – Package content includes a foldable compact UV lamp (6W) + a mini electric drill, both with USB plug + curved pointed tweezers of stainless steel + a box of 900pcs jewelry accessories kit.
  • EASY TO USE – UV resin ready to use, no need to mix. UV resin can also get cured under direct sunlight (10-30 minutes depending on the amount). Note that you might have to cure both front & back if you find sticky on the surface because UV light can fail to reach the bottom if you only cure the front.
  • UV LAMP & ELECTRIC DRILL INCLUDED – Press the button of the lamp one time to set 45 seconds, press twice to set 1 minute. Electric drill with USB plug easy to drill a hole on the resin pieces. With the mini drill combined with the jewelry accessories kit, making jewelry with resin at home has never been so easy!
  • JEWELRY FINDINGS KIT (SILVER) – 20pcs Iron ribbon ends 10mm, 20pcs Earring hooks, 30pcs Lobster clasps, 70pcs Eye pins, 70pcs Screw eye pins, 300pcs Jump rings 4mm, 130pcs Jump rings 8mm, 40pcs Ribbon clamp crimps with loop, 20pcs Pinch clasp bails dangle charms, 200pcs Crimp beads 2mm.


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